Composite Door Colours

Do you have a particular style and colour in mind for your new composite door? Take full control and customise your own unique composite door with our door designer feature and create the ideal entrance to your home. From door colour to frame style, everything is your decision! Either design your own from scratch with our online door designer or choose the pre-designed option and select your dream colour to complement your home.

What composite door colours and finishes are there to choose from?

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Its easy to choose the colour of your new composite door. At Essex Composite Door Shop, we provide the choice of 13 colours for both the interior and exterior of your door. Whether you want a classic or bold shade, you can give your home a whole new look thanks to our composite door colours.

Our wide colour range means there’s an option to fit everyone’s tastes, so you can express your individuality with our endless combination of door styles, colours and glazing options. From a high gloss Poppy Red to a standard finish Darkwood, the variety of colour and finishes means there is something for everyone. Even better, they all come with a 10-year guarantee!

You can also choose additional features such as handles, letterplates, knockers, spyholes, numbers and security chains to add the perfect finishing touches to your design.

How to ensure your door complements your home

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Creating an entrance that suits the character of your home is super important because it’s being the first thing that catches people’s eyes when visiting your home.

Your front door is the focal point of your home, so it is vital that it reflects personality and style. Whether you want to make a statement or simply just update your traditional property, there is a colour appropriate for every personality.

Traditional properties may opt for a red, green or oak interior to allow the door to be in keeping with the period features. On the other hand, you can transform a traditional home by giving it a modern twist with a grey or bright coloured exterior door.

Internal and external composite door colours

At Essex Composite Door Shop you can choose to have two different colours for each side of your door (sometimes called a dual colour option). It means that the outside of your door can be in-keeping with the character and kerb appeal of your property, whilst the inside of your door is perfectly matched to your décor.

Choose your new composite door with us


Fancy creating your own personalised door? Turn the door of your dreams into reality with our easy-to-use online door designer and choose your favourite composite door, colour, glass, style and accessories! In a few simple steps when using our online door designer, the final price on the screen includes all installation, fixtures, sealants, and trims. It also includes the removal and disposal of your existing door set.

If you require any additional help with choosing the right composite door for your home, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 5599145 and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your ideas.

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