Decorate Your Door Perfectly For Christmas

The countdown is on! Christmas Day is now just a matter of weeks away, meaning the Christmas decs are out and the last minute scramble to the shops for those forgotten gifts is approaching.

Your front door is equivalent to a first impression, but if it is left bare this time of year, is it representing your home and the festive flare inside of your home?

This year, if you’re stuck on how to decorate your door, we’ve come up with a few ideas that can quickly transform the outside of your home to a festive haven.


Wreath that door

It might be one of the most simple and easiest of decorative door options around, but it’s also one of the most well known and effective out there.

Wreaths go back to Ancient Rome, where they were a symbol of victory. Since then and over many, many years, we have adopted them as a staple Christmas decoration.

Ever popular in the UK and worldwide, you can buy ready made wreaths from a realm of shops, however, if you have a creative flair and want to get the family involved, there are many ‘make your own’ wreath kits or hints and tips of how to create your own online.


Follow those fairy lights

Now, what would Christmas be without fairy lights? They’re on the tree, in windows and around the house, but have you thought about adding them to your door and entranceway decor?

Whilst fairy lights are lovely all year round, they add emphasis on the festive cheer and represent the bright light of the northern star from the nativity.

Draping them around your entranceway or around the outside of your door and porch adds some Christmas cheer this time of year whilst representing the inside of your home too.

Not just that, but you don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds extra to keep your festive lights on this time of year, you can save on your energy bills by using battery powered ones for the festive time.


Festive bows for all

If you fancy something different and want to make the presence of your home a present for all, then adding a festive bow to your door will be ideal for your home.

Over the recent years, the festive door bow has become very popular, and we’re not surprised with how attractive doors look with it on.

Whilst the traditional colours of red and green started the trend, other colours are now being introduced, including the variety of decors used over this festive season and adding kerb appeal.

Plus, who could complain when the outside of homes and doors are adding such beauty and cheer this festive season.


If your door not only needs some festive flair but possibly replacing, then contact Essex Composite Door Shop and view our award winning top quality composite doors, perfect to suit any home.

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