Handles & Accessories

To make our market-leading composite doors really look the part, we offer door buyers a very impressive collection of suited handles and accessories.

Long Bar Suite

The striking aesthetics of the Long Bar handle can be credited to that unmissable stainless steel patina and it’s so easily operated due to the angle of the design. You can accomplish a truly modern effect by including a matching Ingot knocker and slender brushed stainless steel letterplate. Property owners in search of quality throughout their home should look no further than the Long Bar handle. It has a timeless quality that you’ll never tire of seeing.

The Handleless Suite

For that minimalistic look you should explore our Handleless suite as it will prove a subtle but impactful addition to your composite door. Perfect for both period and new-build residences, this versatile collection combines elegance with a streamlined and understated exterior. The sophisticated styling is absolutely second to none and will give any door that added touch of class. Available in a wide choice of colours and proven to suit a wide choice of door types, supplement it with an Ignot knocker, brushed stainless steel letterplate and pull escutcheon to create a beautifully balanced door. No-fuss handles like this leave a permanently positive impression.

The Square Suite

For a fresh take on conventional door furniture we recommend that you consider the Square suite – ideal for modern homes. A staggering amount of detail has gone into this range to help make sure that the respective front door matches its respective residence. The great thing is that whether you opt for an alluring square or square bar handle, they both really come to life when matched with a square knocker and brushed stainless steel letterplate. Your entranceway will feel totally reborn, as will the rest of the house. Manufactured using stainless steel, the Square suite will also fight off the elements and excels when it comes to durability.

The Bow Handle Suite

Open your door with a whole lot more pride with the exquisite Bow Handle suite. A collection comprised of the Long Bow handle or Short Bow handle, its addition will turn a composite door into a true work of art. The elegance of the Bow Handle is immediately evident and it has the long-lasting qualities you’d expect. It definitely helps that it is made from stainless steel and can therefore see off the ever temperamental British weather, day in, day out, giving you unbeatable weather protection. Heighten its elegance with the inclusion of an Ingot door knocker and letterplate.

The Classic Suite

A prominent feature at many of the world’s most glamorous properties is the humble and classic central knob on the front door. It’s a handle option that just never goes away and remains forever fashionable, found at homes of all ages. This classic handle choice manages to mix together period styling with modern standards of performance as it has the added bonus of being made out of impenetrable stainless steel. It certainly deserves its “classic” tag as the classic handle looks as equally as at home on composite doors fitted at period and up-to-the-minute residences. Ageless design and persistent performance is there for the taking.

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