A striking piece of glazing will become the main focal point

A striking piece of glazing will become the main focal point of any composite door design. We have several arresting and intricately crafted glazing options for your consideration. Our textured glass will definitely resonate with anyone who makes privacy in the home a top priority as it will obscure what people can see when looking in.

Light up your home

If your favoured composite door has a generous glazed section, utilise it to its full potential to make a big splash and draw in lots of natural light from the outdoors. The light that comes in will reverberate around your hallway and make it feel incredibly spacious.

Countless Possibilties

It made sense that we create as many glazing options as possible seeing as we have such an extensive line of doors available. Carefully assess each glass style and mix & match before commissioning the final design.

Double Or Triple Glazed?

The addition of a composite door will hugely boost your home in terms of energy efficiency due to the insulating qualities of the frame and glass. Choose between a double or triple glazed unit dependent on how much energy you want to save.

Select your Door Range

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