Heat Loss Will Become a Thing of the Past

Excessive heat loss will become a thing of the past as our composite doors don’t just meet current energy efficiency standards, they exceed them. When you purchase any Essex Composite door you’re assured of enhanced thermal performance in all weather conditions and far more affordable energy bills.

Energy Efficient Doors

The inclusion of a calcium zinc-based compound in the extrusion of each door frame makes our doors extremely eco-friendly. Delivery routes are also carefully planned ahead of transporting our doors to the home of customers so that fuel use is minimised as much as possible, lowering our carbon footprint.

Energy Certificates With All Doors

Door Stop doors broke new ground in 2011 when they became the first doors to be certified with an energy rating. Door Stop was also responsible for developing the very first ‘A’ energy rated door. Whichever door you buy, it comes supplied with a bespoke energy rating certificate which is based on expert data from the Building Research Establishment. This is also endorsed by the British Fenestration Ratings Council.

GRP Has The Longest Lifespan

The average lifespan of our composite doors is not 5 years, not 10 or 20 years, but potentially up to 35 years! It helps that they’re created using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and contain a hardwood inner frame to give them immense and lasting durability. There’s also a thermally insulated polyurethane foam core included.

Due to the coloured 2mm GRP outer skin there’s very little maintenance required to keep the finish looking pristine – an occasional wipe with a wet cloth will suffice. No warping, twisting or decaying will ever become evident.

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