Energy efficient doors and what they’ll do for your home and bills

You waste more energy than you think through your home’s door. When your house uses doors that are properly insulated with plenty of thermal reflection ability, the temperature stays consistent and it takes less energy to maintain your preferred conditions.

Our energy efficient doors offer immense thermal performance and this has been acknowledged as they’re all certified with an impressive energy rating. These are the benefits of our energy efficiency doors:

Reduced home bills

You can save a significant amount with energy efficient doors. This is because your home will be able to retain more heat, which leads to quite a positive impact on your heating bills. 

Energy efficient doors are a long term but sound investment which leads to financial savings in the future. Not only do they enhance the performance of your home, but they add value to your property too! Savings on heating bills could add up to as much as £110 per year for a detached home, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Heating in Winter

In the average home, space heating and cooling account for approximately 60% of its annual energy consumption and in most homes, the exterior doors, patio doors and skylights can account for a large percentage of the annual heat loss. Installing high-performance products, that annual heat loss can be reduced massively. 

Cooling in Summer

It doesn’t just stop in winter, summer cooling costs can be reduced with high-performance units and will keep the heat of summer out. 

There’s low- E coating in composite doors that keeps infrared heat in during winter, it keeps unwanted reflective heat out in the summer. This means that inside stays cooler and cuts down on the workload on air conditioning products.

Easy to make your own

At Essex Composite Doors, you can design your own custom composite door online. We provide you with an easy-to-use online door designer where you can find your favourite frame, colour, glass, style and more. Our door designer helps you find a perfect door that suits your needs.

Why not request a quote today or design your perfect door. Let us find the perfect composite door for your home!

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