Essex homes – grey front doors

Grey is a neutral colour that can work with almost any property style and most colours of stone and brick, making it a versatile choice. Grey has become one of the most popular colours for composite doors and is the top choice for a modern front door. Grey suits new-build suburban properties, modern architectural builds and offers the perfect combination of classic and modern.

Lighter grey front doors are becoming increasingly popular and are especially suited to country homes and cottages that look best with muted shades. Light grey shades also work well with red brick homes.

Grey has fast become the staple of homes for its variety of shades and neutrality as a back drop. It pairs really well with interior accents such as copper, rose gold, pale pink and teal. In composite doors, we have seen an incredible increase in the popularity of grey front doors – here’s our top three ways to get the grey door trend into your property.

1. Victorian style composite door

essex composite door

Lighter greys create a calm and tranquil vibe and can make your home appear larger. Pale greys work really well with opaque glass and complement greenery – a consideration if you have plants or shrubs framing your front door.

We have developed a fabulous array of traditional composite doors that retain an authentic style. Grey complements our 2 panel 2 square and 2 panel 2 arch fabulously and are a popular choice with Essex homeowners. However, with grey being such a versatile colour, any of our traditional doors can be elevated with this colour and make a statement for your home.

2. Contemporary composite door styles

4 square long bar composite door

Grey is a stunning, timeless neutral colour which makes it a super popular choice for new build homes and renovation projects. Grey front doors look amazing against industrial style buildings or white rendered walls. You can enhance your stone porchways and slate pathways with these shades to create a clean, modern aesthetic. Slate grey is a classic choice and always looks smart. This iconic shade adds real kerb appeal to any Essex home when contrasted with paler walls and fascias.

A perfect match for grey, homeowners tend to choose our 3 square and 4 square long bar composite doors, as they ooze modern style and complement each other well. Silver hardware is also commonly used on our contemporary grey front doors for a clean, modern finish.

3. Your door, your way

We have a hugely diverse selection of composite entrance doors, available in an array of traditional and modern designs to suit Essex properties new and old, so once you have decided on the shade of grey, it’s then time to choose the perfect style of composite door for your home to match with it. Choose from our pre-priced, pre-designed range of doors and order in six simple steps –  add your contact details and we will do the rest. There’s also the option to custom build your own with our online door designer so you can have as much design flexibility as you wish.


Get in touch with us to discuss your front door ideas and we will be in touch with you to get started on your project.

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