Fire Doors – An Essential Investment For Private Landlords

There are several responsibilities that come with being a private landlord. One of them is ensuring that the property they rent out offers tenants sufficient safety in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO). Neglecting to do so could result in prosecution.

If you’re a landlord you must have a fire risk assessment conducted by a competent person which will help identify potential fire hazards. When any flaws are identified you can put preventative measures in place to reduce the threat of fire breaking out.

It may come to light that your rental property would benefit from the addition of fire doors or your existing fire doors are no longer fit for purpose. In either scenario, Essex Composite Door Shop has a fire door range that you can take advantage of.

How does a fire door differ from any other type of door?

A fire door is specifically designed to contain a fire when it breaks out and keep it trapped for a designated length of time enabling those inside to make an exit and to make the fire easier to extinguish.

FD30 Fire Doors

Fire doors carry a fire rating. We supply FD30 Fire Doors, the ‘30’ representing the 30 minute long fire protection they offer.

They have been properly fire tested before being made available to customers to ensure that they will perform effectively in the event of a fire. Even the various components and pieces of hardware included in each of our FD30 Fire Door designs have been tested out for their fire resistant qualities, not just the door itself.

It is imperative that they’re correctly fitted by a qualified installer like the Essex Composite Door Shop.

Landlords should also know that our fire doors come in a host of fashionable colours and styles so that they don’t turn off prospective tenants.

Take your responsibilities seriously and fight fire with our ultra-reliable fire doors. Get a quote today.

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