Handles and accessories for composite doors Essex

Handles and accessories can often be an afterthought, but thinking about them first can open the door to endless design possibilities. We offer a suite of door hardware so that you can add the perfect finishing touch to your Essex home, whether you want to achieve a simple, subtle look or make a statement, we have got you covered.

Contemporary style composite doors Essex

contemporary composite doors essex

If you are after a modern look for your front door then our long bar suite achieves a truly contemporary style. The long bar handle is easy to operate thanks to the angle of the design and is crafted with stainless steel to a sleek look. To accomplish a truly modern look you can include a matching knocker and brushed stainless steel letterplate.

Our square suite is a fresh take on conventional door handles and accessories and is perfect for a more modern style door and home. You can opt for choose between an alluring square or a square bar handles, which really set your front door off when matched with a square knocker and brushed stainless steel letterplate, giving your entrance a new lease of life.

Open your modern home with our beautiful bow handle suite which is a collection of the long bow handle or short bow handles, depending on what door or aesthetic you are after. The stainless steel provides you with durable handles and accessories that can withstand the unpredictable British weather.

Traditional composite doors Essex

traditional composite doors essex

Add a subtle but impactful addition to your traditional style composite door with our handleless suite. Perfect for your period property, this versatile collection combines both elegance with a streamlined and understated exterior to set off the rest of your Essex home, adding a touch of class. It’s available in a wide range of colours so you can match or contrast your handles to the colour of your door.

A prominent feature at many of the world’s most glamorous and well known properties is the classic central door knocker on the front door. It’s a handle option that is a timeless addition, found on traditional properties. This classic handle choice mixes period styling with modern standards of performance, perfectly complementing your traditional style door.

Think about the way you live

Whilst the style of door you have is an important consideration when choosing your handles and accessories, so is the way you live. If you have children, opting for a long bar handle might not be the most practical choice as it gives them access to open and close the front door, so our other handle handles or the shorter option would be better suited for you whilst they’re still young to keep the whole family safe and secure.

Add the perfect finishing touch to your composite doors Essex

To finish off your front door perfectly with handles and accessories, get in touch with us today to get a quick quote. Alternatively, you can design your door using our online door designer and choose from our range of handles, knockers, letterboxes and numbers to tailor your door perfectly to your home.

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