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Posted: 04 Jan 2022

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New Year, new door

Now that we’re coming towards the end of 2021, you might have already started to think about making some changes to your home ready to start the year with a fresh look. After you’ve taken the twinkling lights off the front of your home, why not give it a new statement to stop people in...

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07 Oct 2021

Create your personal showroom

Nipping out to a showroom is great for seeing the quality of your door in person, but when it comes to the design and finishing touches, you don’t always...

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24 Aug 2021

Meet our dream door winner!

To kickstart the summer we ran a competition where you could be in with the chance of winning your dream door, fully fitted, in one of our 13 colour options....

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23 Jul 2021

Our customers top 10 favourites

Over the past few months we’ve been tracking the designs our customers choose and here are the top 10. You might be surprised to see only 8 designs, but there...

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14 Jun 2021

Meet your dream door!

To kickstart summer we’re running a competition where you could be in with the chance of winning one of our stunning composite doors, fully fitted! Greet your family and friends...

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23 Apr 2020

The benefits of a composite door for your home

A composite door is made up of a combination of materials. This means it can improve on the performance of standard uPVC and timber doors. With a rigid polymer frame...

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21 Apr 2020

Energy efficiency doors and what they'll do for your home and bills

You waste more energy than you think through your home’s door. When your house uses doors that are properly insulated with plenty of thermal reflection ability, the temperature stays consistent...

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03 Mar 2020

Steal Sunshine With A Replacement Composite Door

You may already have your own idea of what the perfect entranceway would look like, but with our door designer you will be able to create the perfect fresh look...

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