Make sure your door is weatherproof and secure in time for Winter

The colder weather is definitely here and your front line of defence against the chilling wind is your front door, so make sure it is up to scratch this winter to protect you from the elements.

A reason why your heating bill could rocket this winter is because your front door is thermally inefficient, all your heat is escaping to through it and it’s costing you out the nose!

A quick way to fix this is to check the sealant on the underside and side of your front door; with consistent opening and closing it can get bunged top with dirt and small debris such as leaves, stones and soil. All of these compromise the insulatory integrity. By cleaning out and removing this debris, the sealants on your front door will work properly once more, eliminating draughts and maintaining thermal efficiency.

Another way would be make sure your door is treated properly with sealant sprays. If your doors gets weatherworn, the thermally insulating effects will be compromised. It is important to look after your door as it’s the one looking after you and your home this winter.

Of course these methods are temporary measures. If your door has lost it’s insulating properties, it could be time for you to upgrade to one of our composite doors. It has a lifespan of a whopping 35 years. We provide a bespoke service, allowing your door to be unique to your situation, in style and in budget. Our doors all exceed the expected standard of efficiency and are police approved to keep you and your home safe and sound this winter.

Our composite doors don’t just meet current energy efficiency standards, they exceed them – excessive heat loss will become a thing of the past. When you purchase any of our doors you’re assured of enhanced thermal performance in all weather conditions and far more affordable energy bills.

Take a look today! Or design your own door, personal to you with our door designer.

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