Our top 5 composite door designs

Your front door is usually the first thing that people notice when they see your home. In a row of terraced or semi-detached houses, the design of your front door is the perfect chance to put your own stamp on your property. If you live in a detached home, add that wow factor by upgrading your current entrance. We have compiled our top 5 most popular composite door designs that customers choose for inspiration for your next project.

1. 4 Square Long Bar composite door

4 square long bar composite door

Our 4 square long bar design has been a popular choice for homeowners for a while. The sleek long bar handle makes it a stylish statement and at just £1,475, it’s the perfect update for the front of your home. There’s also the option to select a lever handle, just let us know before survey and we can make this change for you. The 4 glass panels offer an interesting focal point as well as allowing diffused natural light to enter your hallway. This modern composite door looks stunning in sleek black, grey and dark wood for a dramatic, contemporary feel. We also offer internal colours, so if the external colour doesn’t quite fit in with the aesthetic of the inside of your home, you can tailor your new door to your home’s living space and exterior.

2. 2 Panel 2 Square composite door

A timeless classic, the 2 panel 2 square composite door is a firm favourite for our customers. Fully fitted for £1,140, you can give your home a new lease of life with this traditional design. Featuring a chrome lever handle and knocker with spy hole, it offers a style that will never go out of fashion. The toughened safety glass can be chosen in a range of different styles to add extra interest to your composite door, just let us know what you want when booking your survey. Out of our 13 colour options, red, white and green perfectly complement the classic design.

3. 3 Panel 1 Square composite door

Our traditional 3 panel 1 square design was the biggest mover in 2021 and is set to continue being a  favourite in 2022, becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. The panelling paired with the glass at the top of the door creates the classic cottage style effect and is most often chosen in Chartwell green and cream. These light, fresh colours add to the character of the composite door, giving your home a new lease of life, whether it be a cottage or a new build, for just £1,345.19. We recently installed one in a lovely Essex home and we love the personality it adds.

4. 4 Panel 2 Square composite door

Another classic style of composite door that’s always been a popular choice with our customers is our 4 panel 2 square design. It’s a twist on our 2 panel 2 square composite door, featuring 2 glass panel designs at the top, adding light and interest to the front of your home. The timeless hardware perfectly complements the design of the door, effortlessly upgrading the front of your house at only £1,102.33.

5. Mid 3 Square composite door

The mid 3 square is a contemporary favourite, featuring a chrome lever handle and a large centred glass panel, to let even more light into your hallway. This composite door design is a stunning upgrade for any property looking to update their entrance. We don’t just offer grey, so if you fancy a different colour for your front door, you can choose from 13 options to match the design to the rest of your home. We also offer a range of handle choices, helping you create the perfect composite door to suit your taste.

Buy your new composite door with Essex Composite Door Shop

Buying a new composite door has never been easier, or quicker! Order your favourite door design now in a few simple steps. All you have to do is select order now, fill in your details, select your colour and submit. If you want to take inspiration from all our composite doors and create your own, use our online door designer to create one like no other.

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