Our ultimate guide to composite door colours to suit your Essex home

Choosing composite door colours for your home can be a difficult decision to make. Do you go bright and bold or subtly sleek? It can be difficult to visualise what your front door will look like from a sample, so most homeowners pick a colour they like and hope for the best. If you can find a showroom that has a vast display – this can be really helpful to help with your choice. Our sister company Hainault Home Improvements has the majority of our colour options on display, so you can get a good idea of how your new door will look.

If getting to see colours in the flesh isn’t possible, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here’s our ultimate guide on how to choose the perfect composite door colour for your Essex home to make your decision easier. Plus we have our online door designer where you can see your door every step of the design process so you can visualise how it will look.

How to pick the perfect colour

Composite door installation

Interiors and fashion have long had synergy, so looking for a colourway for your door similarly falls into three categories classic, bold and on-trend. To pick the perfect colour, a good place to start is to consider the style and location of the property.

Traditional colours complement period properties perfectly. Make sure to be aware that listed buildings may have limitations on what colours you can have your door, but these usually include colours that coincide with the style of the house. Reflect the impressive nature of your home with classic colours such as black, red, dark grey, sage green and dark blue.

If you live in a terraced home, then this is when colour can play a part in making your property stand out. A splash of a bright font door will look cheerful and make a real impact. You can do just this with our striking Poppy Red colour option.

Our designers love the classics and for country homes, Chartwell greens and pastels complement the natural surroundings perfectly, oozing classic charm.

Muted shades add a sense of elegance and style to a contemporary home. Greys and blacks are a fabulous choice for your architecturally designed house.

Consider your surroundings

4 panel 2 square

If you can’t decide on the best composite door colour, we recommend turning to your home’s surroundings for inspiration. If your house is near nature, earthy colours like greens and blues are great options for you. However, if you’re looking for the perfect colour for your townhouse, a bright bold shade helps to add colour to a neutral row of similar looking homes. If you’re indecisive, neutral colours offer a look that will withstand the test of time, even deep reds and blues have remained in style for decades!

Composite door colour options

At Essex Composite Door Shop, we offer an extensive range that can be supplied in one of several coloured finishes. We have made our palette as broad as possible so that door finishes can be found for every type of home, old or new including red, oak, green, dark wood and duck egg.

Choose a door colour with meaning

Mid 3 square composite door

Many colours have hidden meanings but we say it’s your home, so your rules! Choose any colour from our selection that you like to reflect the vibe of your household, creating a door that you’ll love to come home to. If you want to pick the best front door colour based on what they mean, then you can consider these:

  • Red attracts attention and shows strength, power and confidence – it’s vibrant and is often used for period properties.
  • Blue conveys trust, calm and peace – it represents loyalty and is also used as a classic colour.
  • Green is refreshing and associated with nature, health and the environment.
  • Brown represents safety and reliability – the colour of the earth and reassurance.
  • Black is sophisticated, formal, strong and powerful, and one of the most popular colours that homeowners choose.

Interior composite door colours

While the exterior of your front door is important as it’s the first thing you see when you get home, so is in the inside! It’s the last thing you see before you leave the house, so why not make a lasting impression? White is always a good choice as not only does it complement almost any colour scheme, but it also reflects light and brightens your hallway. You could also choose the same colour as your interior walls so that it matches, creating a seamless look.

Choose from our wide range of composite door colours

Make your home your own by starting with the front door. Select from our stunning selection of traditional and contemporary pre-priced, pre-designed doors or design your own in a few simple steps with our online door designer. Which colour will you choose?

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