Safe and secure composite doors

Composite doors need to not only look beautiful, but also gives you peace of mind they are secure and fit for purpose. We understand that door security is paramount, so we have got you covered. Our impressive range of locks and cylinders are courtesy of some of Britain’s best door security specialists. Here is why our composite doors are a safe and stylish choice for your Essex home.

Different lock options

yale lock and key

Across our door range lock options we offer the Yale Lockmaster, which is a superior cylinder and platinum handle combination that is one of the most secure options available for composite doors in Essex. The lock has undergone extensive testing and can resist the most determined potential unwanted entry.

There is also the Ultion Sold Secure Diamond Option, that has passed all major British standards for security without the need for cylinder protectors or extra secure door handles. These tests include some of the highest of standards, as well as the extended Sold Secure Diamond test, which is even more rigorous and designed by the Master Locksmith Association, to give you the confidence that when you leave your house and whilst you’re home, that you are super safe.

You can transform the entire function of your door with the GU Slam Lock. All solid core doors that are fitted with contemporary hardware include the GU Slam Lock, which features bolts that engage the second the doors closes. It uses a state-of-the-art system that ensures you can have peace of mind that the hooks within the locks are engaged whenever the door is closed.

Our commitment to Secured by Design

Secured by Design is a police security initiative and if anyone knows about security, it’s the police. Our Secured by Design option meets the national standard for safer homes which is not only police approved, but many national insurance companies recognise this safety initiative which means you could get a discount on your home insurance cover as well.

Stepping up your security to the next tech levels

Yale digital locking suite

If you have a super modern Essex home and are into your gadgets, then check out the Yale Conexis. The Yale Conexis Smart Door Lock puts you fully in control, giving you the ease of locking your front door at your fingertips and on the go without the need for a key. You can configure, control and unlock your Smart Door Lock from your phone with the Bluetooth app. It’s perfect for if you’re always in a rush when leaving the house, so if you ever forget to lock your door, it’s not a problem if you’ve got your phone on you.

Our secure guarantee

Once you have chosen one of our top of the range lock solutions for your composite door, in the unlikely event that you are broken into and the intruder ends up snapping the Ultion cylinder in your Ultion Sold Secure Diamond Option lock, you will get £1000 compensation and the door will repaired or replaced for you. For the other lock options we offer, we have a secure guarantee as well, so if you’re not happy with the performance of your door during its lifetime, get in touch and we will combat any issues.

Keep your home safe and secure with Essex Composite Door Shop

Your safety is paramount to us here at Essex Composite Door Shop, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call for any security questions you have regarding our lock and cylinder options. If you’re interested in a new super safe door, have a look at our wide range of traditional and modern styles that are secure and fit for purpose. Get in touch with us for expert advice on your new composite door.

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