We’re Confident Enough to Give you a Secure Guarantee

Burglars are becoming increasingly shrewd at identifying weak spots in doors and seizing upon them so that they can cleverly crack locks and gain unauthorised entry. This makes it difficult to produce doors that promise complete protection from intrusion. We’re continuously trying to achieve this though and offer a Door Stop ERA lock as standard that is so hard to break we’re confident enough to give you a Secure Guarantee.

Fully Security Tested

Full security testing is conducted by the BSI and each door complies with PAS024 to severely reduce the threat posed by wannabe thieves. The testing consisting of members of the BSI mimicking the actions of a burglar without donning the stereotypical black and white jumper and carrying around a bag of swag. Despite their best efforts with a crow bar, sledgehammer etc. they failed to get the better of them.

If They Beat Your Lock We Promise to...

cream traditional composite door

Replace your door for FREE

hands holding a lot of money

Give you £500

key handover

Transfer our promise to the next owner

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Guarantee for the next 10 years

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