The Perfect Hardware for Your Composite Door

Once you have chosen the perfect door for your home, hardware is inevitably going to be the next decision you take part in. Having the correct hardware can make a world of difference to your home’s level of security.

Here at Essex Composite Door Shop, we have a plethora of the most eye-catching array of hardware available for your composite door.

You can choose from our three hardware suites; contemporary, standard and Yale digital.

Contemporary Suite

The contemporary suite features products that will become an immediate talking point. Long and short bow handles are just one of the products you can choose. All of our contemporary suite products enable your door to become the stand-out feature of your street.

Standard Hardware Suite

If you are sourcing the more classic design, then our standard hardware suite is the perfect choice for you. With an abundance of classic hardware solutions, your investment of a composite door will go a long way.

Yale Digital Suite

Finally, if you’re the kind of homeowner that goes for ease and convenience, or just misplaces their keys often, our Yale Digital Suite is for you! You can choose between the Keyfree or Rimlock and digitise your door. You’ll never have to worry about finding your key to get in, anymore!

There is an abundance of hardware solutions to choose from, for your composite door. View them all today!

Posted on 4/06/2018

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