What are fire doors?

Fire doors play a vital role in ensuring the safety of a building. They’re used to carry out a process called fire compartmentation, where physical barriers are placed in strategic areas around a building to slow the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.

What materials are fire doors made up of?

black fire door

Our Dual Certified FD30 Timber Hybrid Fire and Security Doorsets are made up of a combination of materials. The centre core contains sustainably sourced timber and is surrounded with a uPVC outer skin. This provides the hybrid properties of structural integrity in a fire or security scenario, while also offering the low maintenance, durable, easy to clean finish externally. The frame also has additional reinforcement features for structural stability of key ironmongery components, such as hinges, intumescent protection and lock keeps.

Our fire doors are available in a range of design options, with 9 door designs available, in a choice of 11 colours.

How long does a fire door protect you for?

Our FD30 Fire Doors are certified for 30 minutes fire integrity. This means they are capable of withstanding fire and smoke for a full 30 minutes.

When fire doors are installed in a building, it helps to contain any flames and smoke in a block of flats/apartments to one residence, preventing any damage to other homes. It also gives firefighters extra time to put out the fire and rescue anyone from inside the building.

When and where are fire doors required?

At Essex Composite Door Shop, we offer an extensive selection of fire doors that are perfect for domestic use, such as in apartments and flats.

Blocks of flats should have a fire risk assessment carried out, where details of which doors are required are outlined. As a general rule, every flat within a block should have a fire door fitted at the entrance onto the communal area.

Ground floor flats still need a fire door to be fitted at the entrance if the front door opens into a communal area such as a corridor, hallway or stairwell.

Do I need a fire door?

fire door

There are lots of high-rise flats and apartment blocks around Essex that require fire doors for the safety of those living in them. ‘The Lawn’ in Harlow was the first ever residential tower block in the UK and marked the beginning of the construction of high-rise residential buildings. By 1975, 440,000 high-rise flats for public housing had been built in the UK. These are all buildings which require fire doors.

With lots of people living in high rise buildings in Essex, it is important to check whether you need a fire door. If you’re not sure whether your front door should be fire rated, we can help! Get in touch on 0208 559 9145 and tell us about your property.

Our fire doors come fully fitted as standard, for quick and easy installation. If you’re looking to install a fire door and would like any additional help, take a look at our info pack or call us on 02085599145, and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your project.

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