Why energy saving doors are so important

A home renovation project presents you with the perfect opportunity to replace parts of your home that you might normally overlook – your front door for instance. If your current door is old, uninsulated, unsealed or hasn’t been installed properly then it can be a real heat drain. They can leak a lot of air through gaps created. Heat can also escape through the door itself, even the keyhole and letterbox.

Even if you think your current front door has some life left in it, replacing it when an energy saving door could see you reap the rewards, including less energy consumption, a more comfortable home and a positive impact on the energy efficiency value of your home – important when it comes to resale.

How to reduce your energy consumption

Considering installing a door with high energy efficiency properties could save you more than you think. This helps improve the insulation of your home so it takes less energy for you to maintain the optimum temperature for you and your family throughout the year, saving you money on heating and energy bills.

Keep your home more comfortable 

Standard doors can negatively affect the climate of your home because as soon as your door opens, the warmth from inside your home escapes and the cooler air enters, creating a cold draught. You can keep your home at a consistent temperature when you invest in energy saving doors that are designed to minimize energy transfer. So you can comfortably go about your day to day life, no matter what the season.

Increase the value of your Essex home

4 square long bar composite door

Home buyers care about energy efficiency. If you think that you might be selling your home in the future, energy saving doors are an extra selling point to make your Essex house stand out from others. When looking at new doors, look at them as an investment for you and your home. Even if you don’t actively notice any issues with your home’s front door, the chances are that by replacing it with an energy saving composite door, you’ll notice it more than you think.

What causes doors to be less energy efficient?

If your Essex home’s exterior is looking a little tired and old, the likelihood of it being poorly insulated, or not properly installed is highly likely. This leads to lots of air leaking through the gaps, plus heat escaping through the door itself.

New building regulations that are coming into effect

The new regulations of Approved Document L, which are effective from 15th June 2022 are focused on reducing the carbon emissions of new homes by 30%. This means the products we manufacture as an industry need to help homes become more energy efficient. When it comes to doors, the new Approved Document L, which is focused on energy efficiency, require the overall U-Value of doorsets to be 1.4W(/m2 K), or DSER Band “C” where the glazed area is greater than 60%, and Band “B” or better for “other doors”.

All of our composite doors are thermally efficient, so when choosing from our traditional and contemporary pre-priced range, you can be assured that you improve the look of your home at the same time as improving the efficiency.

Energy saving doors from Essex Composite Door Shop

traditional composite door

From traditional cottage doors to modern long bar composite doors, no matter what style you choose, your door will save you money in the long run and transform the exterior of your lovely Essex home. If you think it’s time for an upgrade, get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas with us.

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